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2009 Grantees

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$150,000—Total 2009 Valentine Foundation Grants

2009 Valentine Foundation Grants

Organization Name Project Title Social Change Indicator Amount Awarded
Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NELI) Shift in Behavior and Current Position Maintaine $10,000
Childspace Cooperative Development, Inc. Leadership Development & Organizing the Childcare Workforce Shifts in Behavior, Engagement and Policy $10,000*
Clara Bell Duvall Education Fund Minors’ Rights Project Shift in Policy $10,000
Direct Care Alliance, Inc. Leadership development for direct care workers Shifts in Behavior, Engagement and Policy $10,000
Institute for Safe Families Adolescent RADAR Shifts in Engagement, Behavior and Policy $10,000
Leadership Philadelphia Tuition Scholarship for a Nonprofit Leader Shift in Engagement $7,000
Legal Momentum General Operating Shifts in Definition, Engagement and Policy $10,000
The Nonprofit Center, LaSalle University CLEAR Circles for Women Shifts in Behavior $5,000
Public Citizens for Children and Youth Pregnant and Parenting Teens Project Shifts Definition, Engagement and Policy $10,000**
Senior Law Center Advocating for families at Risk in the DHS System and promoting kinship care Shifts in Engagement and Policy $10,000
Supportive Older Women’s Network Grandparent Ambassadors Program Shifts in Behavior $10,000
Women Thrive General Operating Shifts in Engagement, Policy and Definitions $5,000
Women’s Campaign International Global Awareness and Girl’s Leadership Initiative pilot program Shifts in Definitions, Engagement and Policy $10,000
Women’s Community Revitalization Project Public Land for Public Benefit Shift in Engagement $10,000
Womens Way Education and Advocacy Initiative Shift in Policy $13,000*
Worthy Wage Campaign of the Delaware Valley Worthy Wage Campaign Shift in Engagement $10,000
Total 2009 Valentine Foundation Grants $150,000
* First year of a three-year grant
** First year of a two year grant

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