Valentine Foundation

2012 Grantees

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$142,500—Valentine Foundation Grants

$12,900—Visionary Leadership Fund Grants

$1,000—Retiring Trustee Grants

$156,400—Total 2012 Valentine Foundation Awards

2012 Valentine Foundation Grants

Organization Name Project Title Social Change Indicator Amount Awarded
Attie & Goldwater Productions BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez, a documentary Shift in Engagement $12,000
Childspace Cooperative Development, Inc. General Operating Shift in Engagement $10,000*
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women General Operating Shift in Policy $10,000
Friends of Farmworkers Staff attorney to address the unique needs of immigrant and migrant women workers in farming, food-processing industry Shift in Engagement $12,500
PathWays PA Updating publications ‘Self Sufficiency Standards’ and ‘Investing in Philadelphia’s Families’ Shift in Policy $8,000
Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild (POWER) Economic Justice Campaign for Women Shift in Policy $12,000
Planned Parenthood of Northeast, Mid Penn and Bucks County Rapid Responders of Bucks County Shift in Engagement $8,000
SEAMAAC, Inc. Safe Families Program/Burmese Womens’ Leadership Council Shift in Engagement $10,000
Shirley Road Productions/Willa Rohrer Hollywood Beauty Salon film Current Position Maintained $10,000
Students Active for ending Rape (SAFER) General Operating Shift in Engagement $10,000
The Pennsylvania Prison Society Cross agency approach to health education for incarcerated women Shift in Policy $10,000*
Women’s Community Revitalization Project Public Land for Public Benefit Initiative Shift in Definition $10,000**
Women’s Law Project General Operating Current Position Maintained $10,000***
Womens Way Public Policy/Advocacy Shift in Policy $10,000
Total 2012 Valentine Foundation Grants: $142,500
* First payment of a two-year grant
** Final payment of a two-year grant
*** Second payment of a three-year grant

2012 Visionary Leadership Fund Grants

Organization Name Project Title Amount Awarded
African Family Health Organization Leadership Grant for Oni Richards-Waritay $5,250
Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC) Leadership Grant for Susan Barren-Pearson $5,250
Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County Leadership Grant for Cecelia Arce $2,400
Total 2012 Visionary Leadership Fund Grants: $12,900

2012 Retiring Trustee Grants

Organization Name Project Title Amount Awarded
Gearing Up Retiring Trustee Grant $500
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania Retiring Trustee Grant $500
Total 2012 Retiring Trustee Grants: $1,000

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