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Grant Forms

All letters of intent (LOI) and grant applications must be submitted online using the link below. LOI’s open June 30th 2024 and are due August 31st, 2024.  Organizations invited to submit grant applications must complete them online by October 25, 2024. Grants will be awarded by the end of November 2024.

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Initial Grant Application Budget Forms

Initial Grant Application Budget Forms are required of all applicants except currently funded multi-year Grantees.

Application Budget Forms

Full Proposal Grant Application Forms

Full Proposal Grant Applications are to be submitted and are accepted by invitation only.

Full Grant Applications are due October 25, 2024.

Grant Reporting Requirements

Our goal is to develop a trusting working relationship with our grantee organizations.

The Valentine Foundation no longer requires a written report from the grantee. Instead, we want to be actively engaged in understanding the progress of the grantee organization and/or program. For this reason, during the grant period, we will reach out to our grantees to learn about the progress. Each grantee will have a designated trustee assigned to them who will check in perodically and no less than twice a year. Grantees are encouraged to contact their assigned trustee, if the need arises.

We may request a brief written statement from the grantee organization at the end of the grant period that we can use for social media and printed materials. Over the course of the grant period, grantees are encouraged to share news, events and photos, to help Valentine promote the grantee’s work.