Valentine Foundation

Foundation Grantmaking

In keeping with our mission to fund social change for women and girls, the Valentine Foundation has adopted four of the Women’s Funding Network’s Indicators of Social Change to structure its grantmaking. These Indicators provide a powerful tool for Valentine Foundation Trustees to review grant requests. Equally as important, the Indicators offer a framework through which grantees can assess their social change impact. By applying the Indicators to our grantmaking, the Valentine Foundation becomes an even more influential agent for social change for women and girls.


Grant applicants have to demonstrate how their organization, or the program or project for which they are requesting a grant, will contribute to social change for women and girls through one (or more) of these Indicators of Social Change:

  • Shift in Definitions 
    The issue is defined differently in the community or larger society.
  • Shift in Engagement
    Collectively, people in the community or larger society are more engaged about making change.
  • Shift in Policies
    An institutional, organizational or legislative policy or practice has changed.
  • Current Position Maintained or Restored
    Past gains have been maintained or restored (in the face of backlash or resistance).

For reference, download an overview of the Valentine Foundation’s adapted definitions for Indicators of Social Change. (PDF)


Applicants can apply for general operating support, or for support for a specific program, project or initiative.


Applicants can apply for single year or multi-year grants. Multi-year grants will be awarded for a period of up to three consecutive years. We limit the number of consecutive years that a grantee can receive funding to three years. After three years of funding, applicant must take a year off and then can apply for a single or multi-year grant.  Applicants who are applying for the first time are not eligible for multi-year funding.


The maximum amount awarded is $15,000, with most grants in the range of $7,000–$10,000; for multi-year grants, the maximum is $15,000 a year for up to three years ($45,000). Trustees reserve the right to fund requests in whole or in part. There is no guarantee that applicants, if awarded a grant, will receive the full amount of their request.