Visionary Leadership Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my organization receive funding if we only provide direct service to women and/or girls and do not have a social change component?
  • Can my organization receive a grant from both the Valentine Foundation and the Valentine Fund for Visionary Leadership?
  • Is funding available to support leadership development for board members?
    The grant is intended to develop individual nonprofit leaders; it is not a Board development grant. Board representatives may be included in the grant as long as they are part of a team that includes at least one professional executive staff member.
  • Who should be completing the grant application?
    The goal of the Leadership Fund is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by supporting leadership development. Individual leaders may complete the application but the application should be on behalf of the organization and must be explicitly endorsed by Senior Management or Board, if the proposed leader is the Executive Director.
  • May individual leaders apply, independent of a nonprofit organization?
    No. If an individual leader does wish to apply for funding but does not have the support of her current organization, she may contact Valentine Foundation to inquire about other available sources of leadership development.
  • Is it acceptable to propose sending an individual to a leadership program or course that is not one of the programs listed in the Guidelines?
    Yes. Examples of Leadership Development initiatives that have been funded by the Valentine Foundation in the past can be found here — Leadership Development Initiatives.
  • Where can I find information about the grants awarded in the past?
    A list of organizations and projects that have been funded through the Fund for Visionary Leadership can be found here — Valentine Visionary Leaders.
  • Will the Fund for Visionary Leadership provide tuition support for a graduate degree program?
  • Will funding be provided for men working in non-profits that serve women and girls?
  • Who can I contact if I have questions about the RFP or eligibility?
    Contact Alexandra V.A. Frazier, Executive Director of the Valentine Foundation by email at, or you may call at 610-283-5579.
  • Will there be an information session for potential applicants?
    We are offering two virtual information sessions for potential applicants, scheduled on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. These sessions are intended to address issues of eligibility and assist applicants in preparing and submitting their application. You are welcome to attend either session. Questions may be submitted in advance by email to