Valentine Foundation

2014 Grantees

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$166,000—Valentine Foundation Grants

$18,800—Visionary Leadership Fund Grants

$1,000—Retiring Trustee Grants

$185,800—Total 2014 Valentine Foundation Awards

Valentine Foundation Grants

Organization Name Project Title Social Change Indicator Amount Awarded
American Conservatory Theater Women’s Leadership Project Shift in Engagement $10,000
Camp Sojourner Partnership with Girls Justice League Shift in Engagement $8,000
Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Freedom Project/ACLU of Pennsylvania Your Body, Your Rights: Minors, Health Care & the Law Shift in Engagement $10,000
Friends of Farmworkers To expand and deepen their platicas program, which builds the participation of women farm and other low-wage workers in developing strategies to solve their most pressing problems Shift in Engagement $8,000*
Girls Justice League Project on the Status of Girls and Young Women in Philadelphia Shift in Definition $10,000
Girls Rock Philly Sound Scholars Shift in Engagement $11,000
Mighty Writers Mighty Writers (“MW”) Girl Power Workshops Shift in Engagement $10,000
PathWays PA Paths to Policy Change for Women Shift in Policy $12,000**
Public Citizens for Children and Youth Empowering Parenting Girls to Complete High School by Removing Barriers to Child Care Shift in Policy $10,000
SEAMAAC, Inc. Safe Family Programs Shift in Definition $10,000***
Trans Oral History Project Trans Oral History Project Shift in Engagement $20,000**
Why Not Prosper, Inc. Peer Advocacy Shift in Engagement $5,000
Women Against Abuse, Inc. Coordinated Community Response Shift in Policy $9,000
Women’s Law Project General Operating Support Shift in Policy $13,000****
Women’s Way Philly Girls Fund Shift in Engagment $10,000
Total 2014 Valentine Foundation Grants $166,000
* Second Payment of a three-year grant
** First payment of a two-year grant
*** Second payment of a two-year grant
**** First payment of a three-year grant

2014 Visionary Leadership Fund Grants

Organization Name Project Title Amount Awarded
Gearing Up Leadership Grant for Kaelin Proud $2,000
Lutheran Settlement House Leadership Grant for Meghan Parkinson-Sidorski $2,000
Mothers In Charge Leadership Grant for Dorothy Johnson-Speight $2,000
People’s Emergency Center Leadership Grant for Adwoa Tacheampong $2,000
Women Against Abuse, Inc. Leadership Grant for Executine and Senior Staff $10,800
Total 2014 Visionary Leadership Fund Grants $18,800

2014 Retiring Trustee Grants

Organization Name Project Title Amount Awarded
Black Women in Sport Foundation Retiring Trustee Grant $500
Women’s Medical Fund Retiring Trustee Grant $500
Total 2014 Retiring Trustee Grants $1,000

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