Valentine Foundation

2010 Grantees

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$108,000—Valentine Foundation Grants

$25,000—25th Anniversary Grants

$133,000—Total 2010 Valentine Foundation Awards

2010 Valentine Foundation Grants

Organization Name Project Title Social Change Indicator Amount Awarded
Arts Engine, Inc. Health Care for Women Shift in Behavior and Shift in Definitions $10,000
Childspace Cooperative Development, Inc. Leadership Development & Organizing the Childcare Workforce Shifts in Behavior, Engagement and Policies $10,000*
Clara Bell Duvall Education Fund Minors’ Rights Project Shift in Policies $10,000
Community Legal Services FAU Case Management System Shift in Definitions and Shift in Policies $10,000
PathWays PA General Operating Shift in Engagement and Shift in Behavior $10,000
Public Citizens for Children and Youth Pregnant and Parenting Teens Project Shifts Definition, Engagement and Policies $10,000**
Supportive Older Women’s Network Grand Family Resource Center (GFRC) Shift in Behavior and Shift in Policies $10,000
Women’s Campaign International Global Awareness and Leadership Series Shift in Engagement, Behavior and Definitions $10,000
Women’s Community Revitalization Project Public Land for Public Benefit Initiative Shift in Engagement, Policies and Definitions $10,000
Women’s Law Project General Operating Shift in Policies $5,000
Womens Way Education and Advocacy Initiative Shift in Policies $13,000*
Total 2010 Valentine Foundation Grants: $108,000
* Second year of a three year grant
** Second year of a two year grant

25th Anniversary Grants

Organization Name Project Title Amount Awarded
Youth Encourage to Achieve, Inc YETA $2,500
Chester County Intermediate Unit College and Workforce Bound Workshops for Teen Parents $2,500
College Bound Home for Girls General Operating $2,500
Dress for Success Philadelphia General Operating $2,500
The Garage Community and Youth Center Girl Talk $2,500
Girls Rock Philly General Operating $2,500
Lil Filmmakers General Operating $2,500
Mothers’ Home General Operating $2,500
Phenomenal Young Ladies, Inc. “My Black is Beautiful” Youth Forum $2,500
Women Against Abuse, Inc. Sojourner House $2,500
Total 25th Anniversary Grants $25,000

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