Visionary Leadership Fund

The Rose Wilson Garrison Scholarship

roseWilsonGarrisonThe Rose Wilson Garrison Scholarship has been created through the inspiring philanthropy of Garrison family members who wished to honor the memory of their mother while contributing to the Visionary Leadership Fund.

Susan Garrison, Leadership Committee member and nonprofit executive, along with siblings Bruce, Mark, Pam, Jeffrey and father, Walter Garrison, consider this new scholarship an appropriate tribute to a woman who was “a very involved and giving person, as well as a leader among young women and a devoted volunteer.”

The Garrisons collectively have enough experience in both business and charitable organizations to recognize the need for leadership development, and they felt that Rose Wilson Garrison would have particularly liked the idea of helping women advance in the nonprofit field. Therefore, they were determined to raise at least the $50,000 it would take to create a permanent endowment in her name to fund one scholarship each year.

Even Susan was overwhelmed by the response of her family who together pledged $80,000 to endow the Rose Wilson Garrison Scholarship. When Bruce Garrison was asked what motivated him to contribute, he responded from the heart:

“Mom believed that everyone has a duty to give the best they can and just do the best they can do. She believed everyone should have a chance, and we know those who had little chance in Mom’s time were often women. She raised us to believe if you have more of anything – talent, money, whatever – you have an obligation to give that back in service to those who have less. What you get in return for giving is truly the reward – the gift comes full circle as others are inspired by you to do the same thing.”

We salute the Garrison family for their generosity and vision.

Please contact us for details about endowing a scholarship.