The Valentine Foundation has advocated for social change on behalf of women and girls through responsive, responsible grantmaking for over 35 years.

About the Foundation

Identifying and Nurturing organizations and initiatives that empower women and girls and achieve the tangible results required for sustainable social change.

Developing and Supporting the next generation of leaders in the field of social change for women and girls through the Visionary Leadership Fund.

Investing and Aligning our endowment with our mission for greater social impact beyond our grantmaking.

The Valentine Foundation is a Philadelphia-area grantmaking organization that, for over 30 years, has been providing charitable funds to organizations and programs which result in the empowerment of women and girls. The Foundation is committed to funding programs and organizations that effect fundamental social change and result in substantive change in systemic attitudes, practices and policies that prevent women and girls from realizing their full potential. Read More

The Visionary Leadership Fund is a separate endowment managed by the Valentine Foundation and provides a dedicated source of funding for leadership training for women executives in the non-profit sector. Read More